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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  May 18, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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biggest cycling race.. is now your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. and they're off! america's biggest cycling race now under way in the bay area. and good afternoon, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara.
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>> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. stage 4 of the amgen tour kicked off less than 15 minutes ago. it's one of the shorter legs, but what it lack this is distance makes up for with three grueling climbs including the big challenge at the end up mount hamilton. >> kiet do is at the starting point in livermore where thousands of cycling fans have turned out. kiet, we're looking at live pictures right now of the race. >> reporter: awesome! you know, the amgen just not getting a lot of love from mother nature this year. it's been raining off and on all morning but it doesn't look like it dampened the crowd. they expected 31,000 from our vantage point looking to be the case here. this is the largest race in the entire country here. we have also got some footage from the start at 11:45 this morning. 140-plus riders shooting out the gates here at downtown livermore and made a mile loop around the downtown area and local business owners just thrilled to have the crowds in what's normally a sleepy wednesday morning. in years past, the amgen pretty much just zipped right
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through livermore but organizers were so impressed with the crowds in years past that they decided to hold a start here for the first time ever. some of the riders we talked to never heard of livermore until now. >> i never really before here but i know the rough climb because i did [ indiscernible ] i know it's going to be a far, far, far hard finish. >> it's great. the race is super fun and brings attention to the area. we get to see a lot of towns. a lot of people live in california and the community is supporting it and it's good. >> reporter: and that was kim tang, the ownerrer of doughnut wheel. the impact on the downtown area is expected to be $2 million. back to the live pictures of the racers, 82-mile course relatively short but this is one of the toughest stages in the race. 10,000 feet of total vertical
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climbing and the ending here on a first time ever on a hilltop ending so this is a very grueling ride. going to be a good race. if you can make it out, they expect to be on sierra road in east san jose by about 3:00. but again, livermore thrilled to have the amgen start here. >> looks like they are taking -- we're looking at live pictures of the race. it's like they're taking their time because there are three grueling climbs. it looks like i think they're on mines road. i have actually ridden that before and i'd be going about 3 miles an hour right now. it's beautiful though. they are going to have some beautiful scenery. >> reporter: absolutely. scenery is a big deal because they want to showcase a lot of the wineries and the mountaintops and they are going by the lick observatory and i can tell you back in college, i actually went downhill from the observatory and it is not an easy ride. it's very treacherous and twisty and curvy. but it's an amazing, amazing course here. and they love coming out here because it's so hard and they
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want to make sure that everyone sees just how beautiful california is. >> i must admit, it's a lot easier to watch. [ laughter ] >> especially from chopper 5! >> pretty, too. so we get the best of both worlds. >> kiet, after this, you can enjoy all the wineries around livermore, right? >> reporter: they will have to do that. they will be hurting by the end of the race. >> they will need a massage. all right, kiet do, thanks. well, there are reports this afternoon that arnold schwarzenegger's mistress was threatening to make their affair public. >> kirk hawkins is live outside schwarzenegger's santa monica office with the latest developments. kirk. >> reporter: frank and sydnie, good afternoon to you. we have been live outside the office here for most of the morning and even as the crowd of photographers continues to grow here behind me, still no sign of the former governor or his trademark bentley. radar online says schwarzenegger's housekeeper threatened to go public with their affair because he fired
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her. the celebrity news website says the former governor fired mildred baena four weeks ago to save his crumbling marriage but the "l.a. times" says the 50-year-old retired earlier this year after working for the family for 20 years. tmz and radar online say baena is the mother of schwarzenegger's 14-year-old son. the boy born out of wedlock was a secret to maria shriver until earlier this year. the "new york times" says shriver was pregnant with her son christopher at the same time baena was pregnant with the 14-year-old. shriver was a surprised guest at oprah winfrey's farewell show in chicago last night. shriver praised the talk show host for always giving her love, support, wisdom and most of all, the truth. shriver had reportedly dined the night before just as news was breaking about her husband's affair. back here live now, the office will soon come in handy. the former governor is set to star in a new role.
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shooting begins on august 24th and he is set to play a horse breeder. live in santa monica, kirk hawkins, cbs 5. >> thank you. in other news, oakland getting the green light to keep paying for gang injunctions in north oakland and fruitvale district. the city council signing off early this morning after hours of emotional testimony. >> we must stop individuals from joining gangs. by enjoying these adults from recruiting young members, we have the opportunity to stop individuals from joining gangs. >> why is tonight a time to continue injunctions [ indiscernible ] when we already have the research we need to know that they don't work? >> the bill for enforcing the injunctions runs about $760,000. that measure stops identified gang members from associating with each other in those neighborhoods and from wearing
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gang colors. closing arguments today in a high-profile oakland murder case. lawyers in the yusef bey murder trial are making a final appeal to the jury. closing arguments were supposed to happen yesterday, but the judge delayed that after surprise testimony from the alleged getaway driver. antoine mackey told the court he had nothing to do with the murders. yusef bey iv is accused of ordering the killings of three people including journalist chauncey bailey. coming up, meet the new osama bin laden. why his days are already numbered, as well. some women swear by them but some salon workers say popular styling treatments are bad for their health. and a midlife crisis for the world's most famous clown? the push to force ronald mcdonald to retire, coming up. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. a lot of sunshine around at least parts of the bay area right now. still slight chance of a couple of sprinkles out there. we'll talk about that in the forecast coming up. ,,
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dodgers stadium tw just hours ago we got an update on the giants fan who was beaten up outside of dodger stadium just two months ago. also, some new help for police searching for his attackers. anne makovec joins us live from san francisco general with an update. anne. >> reporter: bryan stow is still here in the hospital. he is in critical condition. he is opening his eyes though. doctors aren't sure exactly what that means. but they are hope. and they are treating him as if he will make a full recovery. 42-year-old bryan stow was still in a coma in critical but stable condition at sf general after being transferred from los angeles on monday. doctors say he is opening his eyes. he is no longer having seizures
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and they are lowering his medications. >> we will begin to taper back the medicine to understand the true level of his brain function. the medications he is on are at high levels and it's difficult to assess his neurological status at this point. >> reporter: the reward just got bigger in the effort to catch the men who attacked stow. the dodgers have added $100,000, bringing the total to over $200,000. the lapd has been working hundreds of leads. >> it's been tough. you know, police work sometimes you catch the criminal right away and it's easy, and sometimes like this case, it's just a lot of hard work. >> reporter: security will be tight at tonight's dodgers/giants game in l.a., the first since stow was beaten at the season opener. police will be passing out flyers tonight with these sketches. witnesses say the suspects got away in a car driven by a woman wearing a white dodgers jersey with the name ethier and the number 16 on the back.
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as the search continues, so does hope for stow, a father of two. >> what we're doing is we're making small incremental changes, everything that we have done so far has been positive and we have had a very good response. but it's still too early to really make these sort of statements as to where i think he will be because again, we're in a day by day period. >> reporter: and doctors hope to update us again in about a week or so. the dodgers are playing at at&t parks obviously the giants, tomorrow night and security is going to be stepped up significantly for that game, as well. >> thank you, anne makovec. this afternoon, we are meeting the new face of al qaeda. he is an egyptian-born militant named saif al-adel. according to al-jazeera, he has been selected as interim leader of the terrorist group. he is also expected to act as operational leader until the permanent appointment, ayman al- zawahri who is osama bin
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laden's right-hand man. the space shuttle endeavour has docked at the international space station. commander mark kelly carried out the final docking today. meantime, as terrell brown shows us, back here on earth, today marks another milestone for his wife, congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> reporter: gabrielle giffords took a big step forward today in her recovery. houston doctors plan to close the hole in her skull. they will use a plan implant rather than replacing the original bone. >> they have actually put together a three-dimensional "ct" scan of her skull and created a custom fit piece of bone. it's actually not real bone. it's made of a plastic or a hard substance. >> reporter: surgeons removed the section of skull in january to leave brain swelling after giffords was shot in the head. to protect her brain, she has been wearing a helmet decorated with the arizona state flag. the implant goes under the scalp so hair can grow back on top. >> that's the last, you know, major medical hurdle that she
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will need to get over. >> reporter: the operation comes just two days after giffords watched the space shuttle endeavour blast off with her husband mark kelly cells to. >> liftoff for the final launch of endeavour... >> reporter: with the shuttle safely in space, giffords headed right back to rehab. surgeons are keeping kelly informed while he stays focused on the job. >> he didn't know any of that was going on you won't have any idea that those kinds of things are going on in his personal life. >> reporter: giffords' surgery was expected to last up to two hours. doctors describe it as relatively simple with a recovery period of just a day or two. but it should bring a big improvement in her quality of life. terrell brown, cbs news. many women are willing to do whatever it takes to get straight hair even using dangerous smoothing treatments but now some salon workers say the price of beauty is hurting their health. and they are calling for a federal crackdown. lawmakers are taking up the issue today getting an earful
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from women's advocates and california salon workers. those workers want tougher rules for straighteners that contain formaldehyde. more and more hairstylists have been complaining about headaches and breathing problems after using the product. and it's not just hair products. a study just released today finds many baby items from strollers to high chairs even car seats are full of harmful chemicals. tests showed that 80% of baby products contain chemical flame retardants that are toxic or untested. some have been link to increased regularsk of thyroid problems, reproductive issues and cancer. they apparently are not clowning around here. >> mcdonald's under pressure once again to fire ronald mcdonald. hundreds of health professionals and other organizations want the famous mascot gone. they say he helps market junk food to kids add they have taken out adds in national newspapers. many customers we talked to say don't blame the clown. >> i think it's the parents'
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job to make sure the kids are eating what they should be. i think ronald mcdonald is a lot of fun. >> everybody has choices. so at the end. day, i don't think it's a bad thing. >> in statement, mcdonald said ronald is not retiring and that he is still the heart and soul of ronald mcdonald house of charity. >> might have something to do with the parents driving the kids to mcdonald's. a close call for president obama. what happened just as air force one was about to land back east. >> but she said it was a joke. but police aren't laughing. what happened to a woman who tried to sell a toddler online. >> we started out with showers around the bay area. now the skies started to part a bit. will we see a dry future? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's chopper 5. you're looking at the back of the pack of the tour of california. that's stage 4. over 140 bikers working their way from livermore through the diablo hills. they have three monster hills to get up before they finally finish this race in san jose, the last hill is a bigun. that's mount hamilton. good luck to them. some 80-plus miles today. live picks, chopper 5. >> looks like they are getting a break with the weather. a close call today for air
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force one. president obama's plane missing eilanding in connecticut today because of -- a landing in connecticut today because of bad weather before trying again and touching down say. the white house and the faa says it was a routine maneuver and the president was never at risk. president obama was in connecticut to deliver the commencement address at the coast guard academy. communities along the way are bracing for the worst along the mississippi river. nine states in the lower mississippi river valley are reeling from the worst flooding in more than 70 years. opening spillways has diverted some of the pressure that record water left still being left there. many people are trying to protect what's left. >> i'm scared. but i'm tough. and we are going to stick it out. my family wants to stay here. i'm going to stay here with them. >> louisiana officials say as many as 25,000 homes could be flooded and in mississippi, the flooding has already displaced
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nearly 5,000 people. >> it's been tough to watch. >> flow problems like that around here -- no problems like that around here. we have to wait a little longer for spring. we have showers in the bay area now but just really widely scattered light stuff. toward san jose, lots of clouds. and that's where we're seeing a couple of light showers trying to pop up there. but otherwise, things are beginning to dry out. hi-def doppler showing you some of that activity, most of that just winding down now a couple of cells making their way over some of the mountains south. but for the most part it is drying out and i think it will stay that way over the next couple of days as we'll see more sunshine on the way. temperatures this afternoon 50s coastside, breezy conditions, partly cloudy skies around the bay area and a little breezy. slight chance we could see a sprinkle. tonight we may see a couple of patches of fog. otherwise we're looking good. overnight lows down to the 40s and 50s. in the santa cruz mountains, ben lomond over the last four
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days, 4" of rain. that's very impressive for this time of year. but it looks like for the most part, this is moving out of town and high pressure is building in. showers are coming to an end and we'll warm up today, lots of 60s inland, cool at the coast with 50s. and it looks like the necessary couple days, 70s going to make a return into thursday and friday. lots of sunshine coming our way, patchy fog at the coastline. but this weekend, guys, sorry to say, clouds move back in and chance of showers on sunday. back to you. >> we'll have to take it, i guess. thursday looks good. >> lawrence, the spoil sport. busted for trying to sell a toddler on ebay? that story when we return. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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will be touching it. wrapped like this 80% of the time it's sold is best. make sure it's green all the way around, check the bottom. light brown is okay. but if it's brown around here, do not buy it whatsoever. when you bring it home, otherwise, take out the plastic and put it in your refrigerator. that is important. don't leave it in the plastic in the refrigerator. it starts to heat up and lose its nutritional value a little bit. you don't want to lose any of it. it will lose crispiness and flavor. iceberg lettuce finally priced at a great rate. the prices are coming down which is so important. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. naked or wrapped. you choose. >> who would try to sell a baby on ebay? >> well, good question. and police in michigan are trying to find out. they are questioning a 19-year- old woman who put a 2-year-old relative up for sale. she says it was just a joke, she just wanted to see how the
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site works. >> right. >> well she found out. >> police aren't laughing. they got calls from as far away as here in california. they tracked down the woman after she accepted one guy's tongue in cheek bid. coming up tonight at 5:00 from salads to veggie burgers, there are lots of new options for fast food diners. >> but just how healthy are they? that story and more at 5:00. >> that's it for the cbs 5 news at noon. we are going to leave with you a look at the tour of california. >> caption colorado, llc
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